Seasonal Cooking: Apples

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It’s that time of year when we have to come to terms with having to put away our bathing suit and shorts until next year or if we’re lucky, a mid-winter beach getaway.  We start taking out our pants and sweaters and turn off the AC.  Fall isn’t all bad though.  The leaves change colors to beautiful gold and red hues, we get to cuddle with our loved ones under a warm blanket on the sofa and we get to enjoy a lot of seasonal recipes. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go apple picking on a sunny, but crisp day and come home with more apples than I know what to do with!

fall pumpkin

Not only is apple picking a fun activity to do with friends and family in the fall, but you get to bring home a lot of apples which you can use in a variety of recipes.  Although its cheaper to buy the apples in bulk at the grocery store, the fact that you get the apples as well as a day outside with your family doing something fun for almost the same price, now that’s a win in my books!


This year, I decided to go apple picking at Verger Petit & Fils in the Mont Saint-Hilaire region, about 45 minutes from Montreal.  We chose this apple orchard because there were no entry fees for each person on top of the cost of the apples.  They also offered discounts based on the number of 20lbs bags of apples you picked.  One bag will cost you 18$, but if you pick 6 bags, it comes out to about 10$/bag. I went with my dad and sister and so we settled on 3 bags to share with friends and family, which came out to 15$/bag.

apple tree

Although 20 lbs of apples doesn’t look like much when you are in the orchard, but 20lbs is approximately 60 apples, and trying to fit all those apples in the fridge makes you realize just how much it is!  Even though my husband and I usually eat an apple a day with our lunch, we needed to find some delicious recipes to make with all these apples! If you have the spirit of saving, you feel that you cannot throw away any food since it is the same as throwing away money.  So we sometimes have to get creative with extra food we have in the kitchen!


I’ll share some of the recipes I made to use some of the apples we picked.  Cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients is a great way to enjoy the season and save money at the same time.

Apple Rhubarb muffins


In addition to having many apples, we also have a lot of rhubarb from the last harvest of the season.  With these ingredients at hand, I decided to make some delicious apple rhubarb muffins for easy morning breakfasts!  This recipe works with both fresh or frozen rhubarb, just make sure to remove all excess water from the thawed rhubarb before adding it to the muffin mixture.  It makes about 18 large muffins and can easily be frozen to enjoy whenever you feel like one!

Apple pie

Apple pie

Apple pie is a tradition in my family.  Everyone looks forward to the apple season to get a piece of my mom’s famous apple pie with a perfect flaky crust and sweet apple cinnamon filling.  The dough recipe from the Tenderflake box makes dough for 3 pies.  These pies can also be easily frozen if you can resist the temptation to eat them right after they come out of the oven.  Simply take them out to thaw and reheat them for a few minutes in the oven before serving to gathered friends and family.  My favorite part of making pies is making rolly-pollies, as we call them, with the extra dough.  Since I hate wasting any food, why not spread some jam on the dough or put some fruit on it, roll it up and bake it for a yummy snack!

Apple crumble

Crumbles are a great alternative to pies when you want a quick dessert and don’t feel energetic enough to make or roll out dough.  It makes for a great dessert when you have unexpected guests, it allows you to use up lots of fruits and it’s always a crowd pleaser!

Apple crepes

One of our weekend breakfast staples are crepes.  While we typically eat them plain with maple syrup, apple season allows us to get fancy and fill our crepes with a lovely cooked apple cinnamon filling.

What are your favorite apple recipes?  Share them in the comments below.

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